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Medici Family | FULL DAY

Available date: JUL 3st 2021 AT 11:00 AM | Price per person: € 112,00

The Medici have been an Italian banking family and a political dynasty holding the power of Florence for centuries, but also acting an important role both for Italy and Europe’s development.
Let’s discover with us the Medici’s history…you will be surrounded by the Renaissance…
Your tour starts discovering Palazzo Vecchio, the headquarters of the Medici family; from the palace they managed all political and economic aspects of the city. Nowadays the Palazzo is still the headquarter of the Municipality of Florence.
The Salone dei Cinquecento (Hall of the Five Hundred) built in 1494, is the largest and most important room in terms of artistic and historical value inside the palace. This impressive hall has a length of 54 meters, a width of 23 and a height of 18 meters. Panelled ceilings and large wall frescoes, golden decorations and imposing sculptures will leave you admiring in marvel.
After the visit, you will have lunch in a typical restaurant of the city center, tasting traditional dishes both from Italian and Florentine cultures.
The second part of the tour starts crossing the Arno river, through Ponte Vecchio, the most ancient bridge of Florence and a stops you cannot miss during your visit of the city.
In the Florentine Oltrarno you can admire Palazzo Pitti, the ancient residence of Medici Family. The tour includes the entrance to Boboli Garden, part of the palace: a green paradise in the heart of the city.

The rate includes: Full day guided tour with a professional English speaking guide (3 hours), Entrance fees for Palazzo della Signoria, Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Garden, Traditional lunch in typical restaurant of the city centre and Headphones.

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